Sunday, October 7, 2007

Real Men of Genius -- Philadelphia Sports Fan

Yet another great Philadelphia Sports Fan video...

Truthfully... haven't we earned the right to boo everything? I mean really, if our sports teams gave us something to cheer about, we would... but we get the 1-3 Philadelphia Eagles, the swept in the NLDS Philadelphia Phillies, the worst team in the NHL in 2006-2007 season Philadelphia Flyers, and the "let's trade away our best player (Allen Iverson)" and still suck Philadelphia 76'ers. Madness! This is why we boo everything, including Santa Claus.

The Life of a Philadelphia Sports Fan

This video tells the story perfectly...

The World In Only 7 Pictures

Have you ever wanted to try to sum up the world in a few photos? Think you could do it in only seven (7) pictures? Well someone has tried... and I think they did a great job. Check out this "The World In Only 7 Photos" site and let me know what you think.

Health Update For Philadelphia Eagles Fans

I am a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan... and I was one of the fans who truly thought that the Eagles would win the NFC East and was a lock to make the play-offs this year. Unfortunately at the week 5 bye week, my beloved birds are a unspectacular 1-3 (0-2 in the division with losses to both the Washington Redskins and the NY Giants). Brutal to say the least.

Now I am not one to hit someone when they are down (or on a bye week for that matter), but I think this particular news release is serious enough to warrant publication.

Important Safety Bulletin

The American Medical Association has announced a new national symbol for choking. Please inform all of the people in your safety department.